Bosworth Reg'd Great Danes
The Nobel Companion
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A couple of our happily re-homed dogs.
Bosworth Danes ® ,
These pets are not a rescued pet.

In a perfect world no one would ever have illness, divorce or financial difficulties. Sadly, we don't live in a perfect world. It is really important to buy your dog/puppy from a breeder that offers lifetime sanctuary, that is to say your breeder realizes they are responsible for that dog/puppy for the rest of it's life. I have had a few instances where people that purchased Bosworth Great Danes have run into hardship of one kind or another, and they love that pet enough to know it needs to find another home. I insist that my puppy people bring that pet to me to be re homed. We always have room for any dog we breed, no matter of the age.

These dogs go from one loving home to another, they are not a rescue, and they are not "someone elses behavior problem". They are wonderful well bred dogs/puppies needing to find a new family.

I welcome inquiries about older adoptions as well as puppies.