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About Bosworth Danes
We started breeding Great Danes in 1998 with the intention of following the Canadian Breed Standard for confirmation and temperament. My family and I are fortunate to live in the country giving us the opportunity to give our dogs a life full of exercise, and alot of love so we can breed well balanced, healthy puppies for our puppy buyers and to continue my breeding program. 

All our breeding dogs are cleared for health with specialists to insure we are only breeding 
the "best of the best". These reports are available to anyone considering bringing a Dane into their family.

We offer lifetime support and lifetime sanctuary to all the puppies that are bred by Bosworth Reg'd, and are very proud of our dogs out in the world and their families.

My family and I are committed to educating the general public about this extraordinary breed, and the many aspects of it, the good and the challenging information that only alot of experience can provide. These days of information overload and false advertising make it very difficult for people to know where to turn. We are working very hard to inform the public about the facts, so we can do our part to eliminate puppy mills and "back yard breeders".

We encourage people to come out to meet our dogs and my family so they can see what sets us apart.

We are very active members in the following Clubs:

PRESIDENT The Great Dane Club of Canada

DIRECTOR  The Kitchener Waterloo Kennel Club

DIRECTOR  The Great Dane Club of Ontario

MEMBER  The Canadian Kennel Club since 2001

I am also on the Dangerous Dog Bylaw Committee for the Waterloo Region

We look forward to hearing from you.

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